Now (oh, Lord she’s back already), I have been working on my novel for some time now.

In my head, it’s ballooned somewhat. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is Book One of the pentology.

Anywho, I have started a course in Therapeutic Massage. How, you might ask, how are these matters linked?

Well, you see, I found myself typing that one of my female leads is a qualified massage therapist. So, now I need to understand subcutaneous tissue.

I had a bad back a little while ago. I did pretty intensive physiotherapy, and I no longer cram myself into spaces which don’t really support my size (that being, short and square) or drive for ludicrous periods of time without a break.

So, I’m not working as an electrician anymore, but I have the skills to make for a very compelling and accurately-drawn, possibly slightly broken, electrician.

And in the midst of bad back, I got to thinking about massage therapy. Getting qualified would hardly help my back, but it might have assisted someone else. I have my moments when I’m really quite delightful.

As it happens, what I hadn’t Grasped was that I have what might be termed ‘ice-cold hands’. More appropriate for pastry than shoulder rubs.

Thankfully, a good chunk of the action in Book One takes place at dinner parties. I now have every excuse to experiment with pastry.