Yes, it’s been too long. I did a Joan Collins film tonight. A cracker. ‘The Time Of Their Lives’. They loved it. I have been slightly elsewhere for some time.

I’ve been fixing my manuscript, not that long back from the editor. There’s some stuff that really needs fixing, other stuff which might just be lost in translation. I thought I was being clever, hiring an American editor; saving myself the hassle of explaining ‘self-raising flour’ and ‘behaviour’ to another culture, etc. I’ve just moved my migraine to an earlier time.

However, this evening, while the film was on, I hired a makeup artist – my buddy, Heidi, and I may have used one of the many photographers who populate my Friends list.

I’ll find out tomorrow, I suppose.

For those who were worried, I’m fine. I’m just contemplating mascara. It’s not my natural milieu. I’m told it’s important for an author’s photo.

We shall see.

I don’t mind if I’m not really recognisable. Which, if I’m in makeup, may be the case.

Of course, I have Fiona Shaw in mind for the film…