So, I went a bit quiet for a while there, didn’t I?

Apologies for that. I was having the nightmare. The standard nightmare that all new authors have.

I sent my manuscript off to the editor at the very end of January. Seriously. I couldn’t have got closer to my self-imposed deadline without totally crossing over it.

I paid my editor. And then there was silence. Her Facebook page disappeared. My trust, which has been nurtured and watered over the last couple of months, evaporated into a catastrophic jumble of suspicion and grinding jaw.

I had started work on the second book, but that came to something of a standstill while I considered whether I needed to sue.

Of course, there was nothing to worry about. I put my intention out to the universe. I scoured the sky for a sign. I crossed my fingers, but in an Astrally sympathetic manner.

And my manuscript reappeared this afternoon. Panic over, now the real work can begin.

Thanks you, universe.