Book Review – Dalton Highway by Freddie Åhlin

First published, 2020


The story follows Tom, a financially unstable truck driver, who, if he has any hope of paying his mountains of bills, needs to make a dangerous delivery across the wild and frigid landscape of Alaska.

Leaving wife Margaret at home, Tom wanders into the wild with his dog, Presley, and encounters all kinds of crazy, including the quintissential guy at the truck stop who warns him to turn back while he still can, a questionable reindeer burger, a whole heaping helping of paranoia, and the devil himself.

It was my first time reading this author. I had a feeling that English was not his first language, purely because his use of it was so sophisticated, so precise, with tiny little flecks of grammatical anomaly which actually made for a more intriguing read. I really enjoyed it. The story is emotional and intense. I had to stop reading it at night. Although my usual time of day to read, I had to save it for the daytime because the commanding imagery and the emotional precariousness of a man on the edge of ruin was tinkering with my sleep. Filled with action and shocks, I thought it was an amazing story. I’d like to not wake up in a blind panic again, but I’ll be sure to read more of Mr Åhlin – during the day.