Book Review – Camp Carnage (Night Terrors Series, Book One) by Joshua Winning and Elliot Arthur Cross

First published, 2014

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A tongue in cheek horror, set in the mid-1980s, Camp Carnage follows the story, primarily, of Billy Collins. Sent by his terrified parents to a conversion camp for gay teens, Billy and his fellow campers are drilled in gender-specific pursuits. The girls are taught to be demure and spend time on their hair; the boys are taught to take the rubbish out and act all butch.

Naturally, there’s a mass murderer with a set of garden shears, lurking in the woods, and knocking off the campers and their counsellors one by one. But what is motivating the killer? And will anyone be left alive at the end to find out?

I was worried that there was going to be some sort of apology for, or attempt at justification of the conversion techniques used in the narrative, but luckily, they stand by themselves and they look ludicrous. Lots of humour in the dialogue, and a clever, Ryan Murphy-style, ‘present your gays to the audience and let the screaming begin’ type of story, I really enjoyed it.

And currently free as a bird on Kindle. Have at it, lovelies.