I think it’s pretty rare you find a book that pulls your heart straight out of your chest but still gives you hope. This is that book.

Dawn Brightside (one word) is homeless, living on the streets of Dover in Kent, and she’s in hiding from a man who threatened to kill her over twenty years ago. With little more than her imagination to keep her company, Dawn has found a way to navigate the world – through relentless optimism.

Taking care of others and spreading hope wherever she goes, Dawn finds a place, friends, and dare I say, herself, at a homeless shelter and when her sunny disposition takes a breath and we see the horror that brought it about, there’s little doubt – Dawn is a hero.

As she gathers up the strands of her blood- and chosen families, and shelter boss, Grace finds love in a less than convenient place, will hope be enough to keep the shelter going and the women on their true paths back to themselves?

A startling and beautiful book, packed to the rafters with positivity, heartbreak and humour. I loved it.