Book Review – The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club (Book One) by Ann Warner

First published, 2016

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When Josephine’s husband died, he passed control of his assets and investments not to her, but to their son. The fact that his best performing investments had been carefully selected by Josephine mattered not one whit, and as his jealousy of her financial gumption increased throughout their marriage, Josephine had no choice but to keep her personal portfolio to herself. Which is a bit of luck because, without her own money to tide her over, she’d be completely at her son’s mercy.

Considered cranky and crotchety, no one in the old folks’ home ventures near Josephine’s door and those who try it are refused admission.

But with someone shortchanging the residents on their grocery bills, and valuable items going missing from their rooms with alarming regularity, Josephine may be right to keep her door locked and her priceless artwork hidden away.

But when Edna, Myrtle and Lill invite Josephine to make up a four for their card games, they can’t know that the version of strip poker they will be playing will involve the stripping away of secrets, rather than clothing, and the people you should be able to trust are often the most dangerous.

A delightful cozy mystery, very well-written, with beautifully observed characters. It’s awful to think of the financial abuse some of our older people face with little to no chance of rescue. It must be remarkably difficult to prove you’re not paranoid when your nearest and dearest want power of attorney in order to control your assets when they’re selfish, broke or headed that way, but always show up with a smile or a concerned frown. We can only hope that those who would use our elders for their own means will get what’s coming to them. However, where I’ve gone all vengeance and anger (it struck a big old chord with me), this book is calm and assured, and the conclusion is very satisfying.