The Sunday Times – A Life In The Day

First published, 2021

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Taken from the long-running interview snapshot, A Life In The Day from the Sunday Times, this collection of 100 interviews of the famous, infamous and venerable takes the reader through the daily routines and pottering-about activities of some of our biggest names. 

Including Muhammad Ali, Michael Caine, the Dalai Lama and Kim Kardashian, there are fascinating little humanising insights and some very profound life advice. I especially liked reading about Lee Child’s work ethic, tampered by coffee and cigarettes, and former Dr. Who, Tom Baker, having a nightmare and spending the day drinking.

What surprised me was how many of these people get up ludicrously early – middle-of-the-night early in the case of Dolly Parton – and how many of the great and the good spending a couple of hours in the early morning just mooching around, getting bits and bobs done.

All very ordinary and completely compelling. I knocked a star off because Little Richard’s interview from 1999 stated he was 63 and that when he died in 2020, he was 87. I don’t pretend to be a mathematician but that doesn’t work. Also, the picture (for indeed, there are pictures) of champ jockey, Frankie Dettori is, I’m pretty sure, of his father. In any case, there’s no way it’s him.