The Day That Never Comes (The Dublin Trilogy Deluxe Part One, Book Four) by Caimh McDonnell

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When an incompetent, unlicensed private investigator loses the guy he’s trailing with alarming regularity, and the bodies start piling up, it surely won’t be long before the possible philanderer becomes a suspected murderer…

But with Paul Mulchrone learning how to be a PI from books, and his new business partners, Brigit Conroy (no longer speaking to him), Bunny McGarry (missing, possibly permanently) and Maggie (ex-police dog, example of the now debunked dominance theory, and quaffer of pints of Guinness) of little to no use, how will Paul solve the problems of the woman in red? And what does it have to do with the destruction of the Celtic Tiger?

An absolute rollercoaster, this. More emotionally charged than the previous books but every bit as funny and engaging. I particularly loved the character of Detective Superintendent Burns: a woman at the high point of her career, suddenly lumbered with a massive, migraine-inducing case while the Boys’ Club tries to push her aside. From the introduction of her character, where Donnacha Wilson has just been sick in front of her, I knew I was going to like her best.

“’Superintendent, sir, er… ma’am, have you got a second?’
“’The news of the murder has just hit the media, so if this is about my shoes, then you’ve already apologised.’
“Wilson glanced down, and noticed the footwear in question sitting in the bin.
“’No it’s not. I mean… although, can I just say again… if you’d allow me to replace them…’
“‘Yes, you can buy me shoes, and then the other detectives can take turns taking me to dinner and getting me sexy lingerie. Forget it. Now, I’ve got a high profile corpse to deal with so unless there’s anything else, or you’d like to pee in my handbag…’”
68% in, Chapter Twelve, The Day That Never Comes (The Dublin Trilogy Deluxe Part One, Book Four) by Caimh McDonnell

I highlighted so many turns of phrase in this collection, but this one struck a big old chord with me:
“When you rise fast, those you passed will take particular delight in the fall.”
85% in, Chapter Thirty-Four, The Day That Never Comes (The Dublin Trilogy Deluxe Part One, Book Four) by Caimh McDonnell.

Words to live by.

I’ll say this: I wanted to take a star off for all there junk food the dog was fed through the book – multiple packets of pork scratchings from the pub, a full cooked breakfast and a few pints of Guinness, but I reminded myself that it’s fiction and funny stuff at that. You should read this for entertainment, not for dog-feeding tips.

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