Bloody Christmas (A Bunny McGarry Novella, The Dublin Trilogy Deluxe Part One, Book Two) by Caimh McDonnell

First published, 2020

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Sold in aid of homeless charity, The Peter McVerry Trust, this is an excellent introduction to the humour, pathos and writing style of Mr McDonnell.

Appearing second in the Deluxe Edition, Part One, of this not-really-mathematically-speaking-trilogy, Bloody Christmas follows sheepskin-clad, wonky-eyed hero, Bunny McGarry as he faces possible death at the urinal and goes through the city’s sewers in search of a missing child.

The writing is smart and assured, the humour is delightful and I love the author’s voice. There’s no mistaking the musicality and tempo of the writing, there’s always poetry in an Irish voice.

For example, the first couple of lines in Chapter One, Duck Soup, where Bunny is meeting with a psychiatrist.

“Bunny stared hard at the wall. ‘Can I ask a question?’
“‘Of course,’ replied Dr Warwick in that tone of voice that Bunny guessed he practised a lot. The one he no doubt thought made him sound calm and authoritative and not at all like a smug gobshite with a highly slappable face. “’This wallpaper you’ve got, is it one of them what-cha-me-call-its… rickshaw tests?’
“‘Do you mean Rorschach tests?’ asked Warwick.
“‘Yeah. One of them.’
“’No, it’s just wallpaper.’
“‘Oh right. Did you choose it?’
“‘As it happens, I did.’
“‘Were there many other options?’
“Dr Warwick turned and glanced back at it. ‘I vaguely recall there being a catalogue.’
“‘Right. And you thought you’d go with this one?’
“‘Am I to assume that you don’t like the wallpaper?’
“‘It’s not for me to say. I mean have ye not noticed at all that the pattern looks a bit y’know…’
“‘Like what?’
“’Like a lady’s downstairs bits, only on fire.’”

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