Book Review – The Descendant (City of the Gods Book 1) by S. J. McMillan

First published, 2012

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“Katalina was not prone to homicidal tendencies, but if she could morally make an exception for just one day, well, today would be that day.”
The first line, Chapter One, The Descendant (City of the Gods Book 1) by S. J. McMillan

In this first instalment of the City of the Gods series, we meet Katalina, a young woman about town who has few friends, no family, but many layers. A talented singer, she is pushed into an audition at a local nightclub and soon hits it off with the handsome new owner, Tristan. Little does Kat know that Tristan is well-acquainted with her long-term best friends, Vivian and Sabine, and this is no mere chance encounter.

But when the night turns to terror in an alleyway, who will save Katalina? And who is the mysterious stranger with the huge scar and the ability to make people his servants? And is Kat prepared for the biggest shock of all (which I’m not going to ruin for you because I don’t do that)?

There was a moment in this book where I actually cried. Now, that takes some doing. Again, I’ll not spoil the scene for you but Kat finds herself on a beach and I found it profoundly moving. A couple of minor spelling errors (‘the tyres squalled’, ‘distain’, ‘the images plagued him very night’) marred the reading a little and I still haven’t come to terms with ‘off of’, but I think we all know that’s never going to happen.

All that to one side, this was an enjoyable read. Recommended, especially if you enjoy urban fantasy with some whip-smart dialogue and memorable characters. And I’m going to get better at finishing series so hold onto your hats.