Book Review – My Wife Jodie by V. A. Rudys

First published, 2021

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The story follows Ethan Page. A man living his best life, Ethan is a successful lawyer, married to a beautiful artist, living in a hip area of London, surrounded by friends. Ethan and wife Jodie take regular skiing holidays, and live with a certain amount of luxury, having won the lottery a few years back. Although a bad investment caused the pair to lose most of their money, the couple are happy and very lucky in their lives.

But the veneer of their charmed existence starts to crack when Ethan realises just how little of his life is actually his own, and how much he really owes to his wife.

An astonishing debut. I tore through this book in less than two days and I suspect I’ll be thinking about it for a very long time to come. The narrative is well-written and, although the writer mentions his dyslexia in his Author Biography, the writing is clear and free. One or two small errors just added to the author’s voice and startling individuality.

I especially enjoyed the dynamic between Ethan and Jodie, particularly in the early chapters. The good humoured mocking and bantering that come with long-term relationships can be very hard to convey without either party seeming mean, but V. A. Rudys has an extraordinary eye for detail and, even though neither of the main characters is really a hero, they’re written with such heart and understanding, I loved them anyway.

You must read this book. Plus, look at that cover. Gorgeous.