Book Review – A Little Bit of Everything For Dummies by John Wiley and Sons

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3.5 stars, really.

Having been the go-to guidebooks for a good number of years now, the Dummies Guide produced this selection as a sort of introduction to their style of teaching. The subjects covered in this book include: eating clean, meditation, compassion focussed therapy, nutrition, Windows 10, coding, iPhone for seniors, GoPro cameras, business planning, Office 2016, small business marketing strategies, investing, blogging, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, guitar, bridge, chess and digital photography.

The trouble is, in some instances, it’s just one chapter from the original Dummies Guide book. I don’t really need to know how to buy my first guitar. I’d sooner know how to tune the thing. I don’t really care about computers or LinkedIn so, I’ll be honest, I skimmed those chapters.

I did find the chapters on playing bridge and chess interesting, and the writing is concise, not overly flamboyant, it does what it needs to do and, let’s face it, when you’re learning about a new subject, that’s what you need. I’d certainly recommend the Dummies Guide books if this large sampler is anything to go by. However, this book itself is a little confusing, given that it is a mish-mash of multiple subjects which have little, if anything, to do with each other.