Book Review – Marked by B. E. Balfinny

First published, 2017

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The story follows Kate and her husband David. When her almost-forgotten great-aunt dies, Kate inherits the old lady’s cottage in the beautiful countryside of south Kerry. Working and renting in Dublin, the couple decides to go and take a look at the country cottage, with Kate romanticising the place and the idea of a more beautiful, affordable life in the country.

“… I’ve only ever been here in summertime, and I recall even then it was often pretty bleak. And it was a long time ago.”
David snorted. “Bleak? It’s a shame old Gracie couldn’t have left you a cottage somewhere with a more hospitable climate, like a rainforest. Or the moon.”
4% in, Chapter 2, Marked by B. E. Balfinny

However, it doesn’t take long for Kate and David to fall in love with the place and look to the logistics of relocating to their new and unexpected home. But when a crotchety neighbour tears them off a strip for wandering too far up the lane, will Kate and David be able to resist the allure of the ancient stone circle and its secrets? And is the danger just as real as the beauty of the area?

I loved this story. Okay, there are some typos, but I was on the edge of my seat throughout and so I forgive those. Cannot wait for the next instalment. Brava.