Book Review – Nate and the New Yorker by Kevin Klehr

First published, 2017

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In Nate and the New Yorker, we meet Nathan: an Australian on a European holiday with best friends and workmates, Lucy and Ben. While Ben works his way through the men of Europe and Lucy bemoans the lack of action when they keep visiting gay bars, Nathan makes enthusiastic noises over his food.

While sitting, eating goulash and being ‘entertained’ by the appalling strains of a violin above, along comes handsome American, Cameron. The spark between him and Nathan is instantaneous and Nate’s last night in Europe might well be his best… until Cameron’s butler appears, reminding him of a busy schedule the next day.

And that might have been the end of it. However, what develops is a beautiful, international, cat-and-mouse of a relationship and a brilliant twist in the tale which left me breathless.

“Strange violin music came from above. As I glanced up at the tinny speaker, the middle-aged waitress who looked as if she should cut down on sampling the food sidled up to me.
‘You like?’
She pointed to the speaker.
I wanted to say it sounded like someone was murdering that musical instrument, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.
‘My son. He practice music. Good, eh?’ The three of us nodded. ‘I make louder.’ She marched away proudly.”
3% in, Chapter One, Nate and the New Yorker by Kevin Klehr