Book Review – The Last Will and Testament of the Pirate John Blackjohn by F. T. Morgan

First published, 2018

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

When I started reading The Last Will and Testament of The Pirate John Blackjohn, I’m not sure what I was expecting – beyond some talk of treasure, possibly a fever and a parrot. (My understanding of pirates is limited, which is why I picked out the book in the first place.)

What I got was something quite else.

It’s an adventure, with some fantasy elements that are so well-crafted, I was still wondering if it was real at the very end. By which time, we’ve dealt with giants, witches and fairies. I do not speak in metaphor here. There’s a demented solicitor and a search for the tooth that will fit the lock and I was captivated.

The story comes from a document, written in an ancient language in the 1500s, and pilfered by a doctor in the 1800s, who dashes the length and breadth of Scotland, trying to finish his translation.

A strange but intoxicating read, I really enjoyed it.