The collected short stories of 2020, by Petrina Binney.

Included in this collection are:
‘A Can of Worms: A Short Story of Love and Lies’ in which infatuated Jaxx tells lies to her counsellor in order to continue their weekly meetings,

‘It’s The Landing That Hurts: A Short Story of Disaster’, where we meet Denise, a guilt-ridden, hospital tea-lady with a terrible secret,

‘Desperately Seeking Spinach: A Short Story of Obsession’, where agoraphobic Clea must conquer her fears if she wants to party with celebrities,

‘If This Were A Swedish Film, We’d Already Be In Love: A Brief History of Fiona’: the teenage diary of Irish art student, Fiona Weaver,

‘Love Letters To The General Public: A Little, Widespread Romance’ in which Joni writes love letters to strangers in an effort to mend her broken heart,

‘The Good In Goodbye: A Short Story of Revenge’, which follows the story of Charlie as her mother conspires to set up a reverse wedding reception to mark the end of her sister’s relationship,

As well as bonus story:

‘The Desiccated Ingénue’ – Esther Moody doles out advice as the Sage of the Sands at her local pub. But when slow-witted charmer, Thingummy Bob, faces a crush and a dilemma, will Esther say the right thing and save the day, or leave Rachael, the barmaid, to whatever fate has in store?

Published, July 2020