Book Review – Swear On Her Life by M. F. Graham

First published, 2020

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This prequel to As Deep As Her Skin gives more background on the life and death of June Redfern’s mother, Kate. Young June is only ten years old – already something of a maverick and risk-taker – when a childish game with her slow-witted neighbour threatens to crush June under a burden of guilt.

This novelette is an excellent supplement to As Deep As Her Skin – which I very much enjoyed – see – and features a great cast of characters, some crackling dialogue and a great story.

My favourite part was from Chapter 8:

“Henry stood motionless and stone-faced. In his mind, he was waiting to wake up from the most dreadful nightmare possible. But the expected sheer relief of waking with a start and staring up at his bedroom ceiling didn’t happen.”
Swear On Her Life by M. F. Grabham

It’s a personal bug-bear but I really hate it: in films and TV, when a character has a bad dream, they open their eyes and sit bolt upright. I don’t care how good their abs are, a barely conscious body can’t do that. Congratulations, M. F. Grabham for the idea of bedroom ceiling, instead of the foot of the bed.

The best thing with this prequel is that it doesn’t really matter whether you read it before or after M. F. Grabham’s 2019 work. Personally, I’m pleased I read this one second. It fills in the blanks and adds another dimension to the overall story.

And not a single ‘off of’.