Book Review – The Magic Box (Arcane History #1) by Scott Thrower

First published, 2019

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The story follows Charlie, a twenty-seven year old diabetic and historian, living in Canada during the First World War. When a very frail Charlie is called in to consult on an archaeological find, he doesn’t suspect that the rune covered box might contain the magic to cure him.

Charlie must conserve his new-fund energy if he is to save his friends, his secret relationship with ‘roommate’ Henry, and his city, from those who would use the magic for their own ends.

A well-written, historical fantasy, ’The Magic Box’ gives the reader an insight into Toronto during World War I. I enjoyed the emotional intensity of the relationships in this novel. I especially liked Charlie, whose disease would have been fatal in 1915. His mixture of resignation and hope really appealed to me.

There were some very witty lines, which I enjoyed immensely.
“Betty’s approach to history was that people had been stupid for a very long time, allowing superstition to flourish.”
Chapter Four, The Magic Box (Arcane History #1) by Scott Thrower