Book Review – How To Marry Your Husband by Jacqueline Rohen

First published, 2020

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The story follows 34-year-old Rachel as she approaches her fifteenth wedding anniversary with husband, David. Rachel’s life is running smoothly: she has a successful business, a good group of friends and all manner of special wrinkle-reducing creams. She and David are happy. They drink cocktails and have mini-breaks.

And then she sees him kissing another woman in town right before their anniversary. It is not a chaste little peck. From nowhere, Rachel is totally floored by the sudden but complete realisation that her husband is having an affair and their marriage is over.

But that’s not the only shock in store. Having married on the tropical paradise of Bali when she was only nineteen, Rachel is about to find out that her marriage isn’t technically legal. Therefore, in order to successfully divorce her husband, she’s going to have to marry him.

So many highlights in this book. The writing is friendly and funny. The story is, by turns, heartbreaking and hilarious. I found David rather self-indulgent and deluded (personally, I don’t think there are shades of grey in infidelity, so I found his self-pity rather grating), but Rachel was a delight. The speed at which she went from thinking of her husband with a sweet sigh to calling him a d*ckhead inside her head, made me very laugh enough to be noticed and frowned at.

I really enjoyed this book and would happily recommend.

I understand the author died a few days before the publication of this, her debut novel; a tragedy for modern women’s fiction. I’m sure many readers would have loved to read more from Ms Rohen.