Book Review – The X Files, Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson

First published, 1996

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The story starts at a research facility and the computer-simulations that fill the office of experienced nuclear physicist, Dr. Emil Gregory. Legally, there have been no above-ground nuclear weapons tests in several years, and so, the scientists spend their days on theoretical studies, not daring to wait for a time when their research will turn into reality.

When a strange package is opened inside the facility, causing an inexplicable explosion, resulting in a lot of damage and a death, Mulder and Scully are assigned the case.

Ground Zero read very like an X Files episode. I liked the way the story ended with Scully, typing up her report. The characters were well-observed and the writing was tight – well structured and compelling. I finished the story in only a couple of days.

The only thing that threw me was the obvious and multiple years that have passed since this novel spinoff came out. After eleven seasons and a couple of pretty nifty films, I can’t really believe that Scully really checks her makeup in the car’s sun-visor before entering a nuclear facility.