Now, those of you’ve been following this blog since – before today, anyway – will know that I spent 2019 posting daily about things that make me happy. (If you want to check that out, hit the #365HappyDays tab above, or if you’d rather just look at the pictures – which is a valid life-choice – head for

So, here’s what really happened. Writing something positive every day did two things for me:

1. It made me feel a little more chipper. Even when I got a gas bill, I still had something to smile about. Obviously, I hope you did too.

2. It took quite a lot of time away from my real writing. Now, before we start feeling terribly sorry for me, I’ll say this: because I was focussed on #365HappyDays, because it was a commitment that I made, I was able to read a whole hell of a lot last year.

I love fiction, but when I read other people, I don’t always have a lot of time to get to my stuff. As such, preoccupied by the Happy Days, I was able to give a lot of time to other writers and read 61 books in the course of the year. Which is a personal best. I feel a very real need to buff my fingernails.

Anyway, if I need to keep writing (which I do, it’s a compulsion, also I have bills) I can only usually read textbooks. Somehow they don’t take up so much of my creative energy and yes, I know. I sound like a douche.

Since the Happy Days project is finished and I really need to get back to writing my stuff, but I want to keep reading, what’s going to happen?

Oh, the suspense.

I know damn well that I have friends who read this blog and are interested in writing.

There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be rather overwhelming just trying to work out where to start.

Here’s the thing: I’m going to read books on writing. Not just the craft of writing, but also marketing, strategy, all that nonsense that goes along with it, because writing a book for publication is not as simple as sitting down and getting it done. I’m going to talk to people about writing. I’m going to report back on stuff I’ve been told about my writing (some of it is hilarious, some insulting – all entertaining though).

As I write these posts about writing, I hope they will be useful and instructive and prove a useful resource – frankly, for all of us, since I certainly have a lot to learn. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’ll also throw in links to some of the cover designers I’ve worked with, interviewers, bloggers, all that sort of thing and a bit of general – The Thing With Writing Novels Is… stuff.

It’ll be in the tabs under – Writing Tips. To reassure all of us: it’s not going to be a daily thing. I’ll add a post whenever I learn something useful, or that surprises me. Or might get a laugh, because I’m a tart for laughs.

If I remember, I’ll throw in a few drinking games as well.

Have a good 2020, everyone, and thanks for reading.