It was 2005.

I know because I Googled. In 2005, I listened to the radio a lot and was dabbling with BBC Radio 4. I was looking for my tribe. (That’s a very long story and has no place in the Happy Days but let’s face it, my tribe are on Radio 4).


Anyway, there was an incredible drama about an American nurse who’d served during the Vietnam war trying to deal with her memories of the conflict years later. I loved the piece. It was called No Background Music and it was read by Sigourney Weaver.


There are very few things in the world that are as beautiful as Sigourney Weaver’s voice.

If you wonder if I’m not experimenting with hyperbole here, I’ll point out, I wrote to the BBC to thank them for the piece. I was twenty-three years old and I had no doubt that a kind letter from me would make someone’s day.

The confidence I had in my early twenties defies explanation but it was pretty epic.

Getting back to Sigourney Weaver: I read somewhere that when the character was first created, Ripley was supposed to be a chap. Whether it’s Aimée or me, one of us – at least – will quote something from the Alien franchise every week.


One of my favourite films of all time that I’ve yet to show at Movie Night is Copycat. My people don’t really like to be scared and I just made them go through Get Out. Give it a couple more months, and we’re having Copycat.


She was so good in Ghostbusters. Lest we forget, “There is no Dana, only Zuul.”


She was great in my mother’s favourite film, Dave.


Avatar, Crazy on the Outside, Galaxy Quest, Paul (who can forget Paul?), Red Lights, and everything else… I adore Sigourney Weaver.

Just once – I’d like to hear her read the first line of my first book.

FirstLine, Sex, Death & Canapés

Just once.