A time might well come when I sort the garden out.

There may be some among you who remember that I said something about this earlier in the year. Probably more than once.

The problem is: whatever I do to it, the garden keeps on growing. If I could just cut it back and then leave it alone for the rest of the year (as I have been doing over the last few years), it would be nice if it didn’t keep coming back. At least, not so regularly.

Anyway, when the time comes that I get on top of the mess, and it looks less like a shambles of tangled and overgrown bindweed, nettles and thorns, I think it would be cool to have a fire pit.


One of those nifty ones you see on Facebook sometimes. That would be excellent. Sitting by a fire pit, with a few friends and a couple of beers, would be amazing.