I love Orange is the New Black. It’s a great series with some wonderful characters, terrific storylines and some of the finest talent in the acting world.

*Spoilers are coming*

Two of my favourite characters had one real scene together…

Vee is a nasty piece of work who adopts young children and grooms them to sell drugs for her. On arriving at Litchfield Prison, she quickly establishes herself as the stern mother-figure who teaches Suzanne to believe in herself, and gives Cindy and Janae someone to look up to.


She quickly takes control of her sort-of daughter, Taystee, and convinces all the other inmates to shun Poussey, with devastating consequences.

Miss Rosa is sarcastic, sardonic and rude. And the casting for her flashback scenes were absolutely amazing. I mean, really, look…


Dying of cancer, she is a former bank robber, who plucks the hairs from her breasts and says things like, ‘This is the proof that you can be either pretty or smart.’

When Miss Rosa drives out of Litchfield in a stolen prison van, and runs down Vee with the words…


… I can’t help but smile.

Aimée says Miss Rosa reminds her of me.

Let there be no doubt – I have never received a greater compliment.