So many fabulous sketches.

No one who saw them will ever forget the Abba spoof – C’est La Vie…
Or the Corrs video – The Pretty Face of Cloning.
Lest we forget…


and Hannibal and Clarice, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Titanic, the list goes on. And it’s wonderful.
Jennifer Saunders is incredible for several reasons: Absolutely Fabulous for a start, her books, her voice work as the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 – cover versions of classic rock songs never work out, apart from this one, and I don’t know how but she can make herself look like anyone.
Dawn French is marvellous because: Vicar of Dibley, Murder Most Horrid, Wild West, as well as her books, her work as the Fat Lady in Harry Potter, being the most amazing kisser in the history of Comic Relief, and this video… Oh, how I love this video.