If you haven’t seen Orphan Black, you must. Tatiana Maslany is amazing. She plays multiple characters, clones, who don’t know about each other (to start with) and they’re all completely different.


There’s Sarah, the south London, ducking and diving, young mother, trying to reconnect with her daughter.

Beth, American police officer, who *spoiler* dies pretty early in the first episode.

Alison, the highly-strung American soccer mum.

Cosima, dreadlocked, lesbian scientist who smokes weed.

Rachel, upper-class English, self-aware clone, part of the corporation, very dangerous.

Helena, Ukrainian assassin, manipulated by the religious order that raised her, mentally unstable, always eating.

Krystal, Canadian, bit ditsy, good nails, slowly putting it all together.

As well as: Katja, Aryanna, Danielle, Janika, Jennifer, Tony, and MK – and here’s the strangest thing – they’re all played by the same actress but they all look different. It’s astonishing.

The story is amazing. The supporting cast are tremendous.


Not to be missed. It’s a televisual feast. Killer theme tune, too.