One of the chaps in my Granddad book (right here – Other People’s Granddads, – go ahead, make my day) told me a story of how he met his wife.

He was a police officer on the beat in the sixties. He hadn’t yet met his wife but she, too, was a police officer. Her beat was only across the road from his.

Now, the rule was, beat officers never crossed the road onto each other’s patches, unless there was a problem, if another officer needed assistance and whatnot. However, Peter kept seeing the lady who would become his wife, never far from him, on her beat, watching him.

In my interview with Peter, I asked if she was stalking him.

He replied, “Not stalking as such… Anyway, she won.”

And we had a good laugh. He’s a very funny man.

Anyway, I saw his wife at the Club not long after the book was published. We were talking about the book and I said I hoped she wouldn’t take it personally that I’d asked if she was stalking him.

“No, that’s all right,” she smiled. “I was.”