I’m going back a-ways here, but I remember a version of Everlasting Love by the cast of Casualty which was just amazing.


Casualty was the mainstay of my youthful Saturday nights. If we go back as far as I can remember, I always loved Duffy. Mostly because she had a lovely smile and I didn’t know anyone who could do a French plait. My mother’s favourite was Megan, played by the ever-wonderful Brenda Fricker. It’s one of the great joys of my life: when I’ve done Brenda Fricker films at Movie Night (Cloudburst, My Left Foot, Albert Nobbs), I’ll reel off the cast list as if I’ve learnt the whole thing from IMDb…

Sometimes, I have.

Often, just saying the name doesn’t quite do the job, so I’ll have to know one or two things the actor/actress has been in, just to jog the memory.

Brenda Fricker is always the easiest to explain. If the person I’m talking to is younger than me, she’s the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2.


If they’re my age or older, she’s Megan.


Anyway, Everlasting Love…