Futurama is a great show. Excellent characters, wonderful voice artists and a great set of writers and animators.

Philip J. Fry is a pizza delivery guy, accidentally frozen at the millennium and thawed out a thousand years in the future. Taken in by the last member of his family, Fry must try to learn about this new world when he wasn’t totally au fait with the last one. There are some tremendous lines of dialogue…


The best episode of the lot is Amazon Women In The Mood.

Zapp Brannigan tries to help the bashful Kif to attract Amy, while he works his own charms on Leela. Of course, he fails.

And thus, the team crash into a strange planet of huge women, who are ruled over by the ominous Femputer – voiced by Bea Arthur.


The men are held prisoner and sentenced to death by snu-snu (not sure how to define it without mentioning candles and Barry White), while the women of the Planet Express team look for apartments.

After rather a lot of action, it transpires that the Femputer is, in fact, an angry Fembot. She is rapidly seduced by Bender, releases the prisoners, and allows them to leave the planet.

It’s a great voice performance.

If you need further proof of Bea Arthur’s amazing vocal talents, follow the link: