I seem to remember that shoe-shopping, when I was a kid, was appalling. It was long-winded, exhausting, with way too much measuring, a hideous faux catwalk up and down the shop, and enough patent leather to get its own parade.


I hated shoe shopping when I was younger.

Frankly, it’s easier now.

The difference is that, when I was younger, I had to have smart shoes for school. Now, I only need smart shoes for restaurants and funerals. I can live the rest of my life in trainers.

The irony of wearing trainers when I can’t imagine I would run for anything but a cheeseboard is not lost on me, but I love my trainers. Aimée got my current pair for me.

The old ones got a hole in the air-sole (not the easiest thing to say quickly) and started singing when I came in from the rain. Now, I’m back to relatively quiet steps. Unless I hear this song in my head…