Now, exciting news:

I have a book out. True, I didn’t write it. I typed it. Now, before anyone thinks I’m up to no good, I’ll explain what this thing actually is.

I won’t go all the way back to when it started… oh, well, if you insist.

I’ve been working at the Legion for ten years. In that time, I have acquired an extra three stone in weight, a brief sojourn in hospital, four dogs, an ex and a fiancée. It’s been a busy ten years.

I have also made some truly wonderful friends. I love my guys.

However, I know that there are people who think of the Legion as being an old man club.

As if there is nothing but a small collective of desiccated old men, talking war and prostates and –

First things first. That’s completely inaccurate, it’s also rather dismissive. We’re not only old men. And the old men we have are made of magic.

Besides, people who’ve seen it rarely talk about war. And I haven’t heard a word about a prostate in nine and a half years, and that guy was drunk.

The fact of it is: if people do think of the place as being an old man club, why not actually speak to them?

And so, that’s what this book is – stories of the men. Now, I am in a very unique position in my world. I’m not family, but I’ve been there so long that I might as well be. I am a drinking buddy, but I’m not of a similar vintage, so some stuff does need explaining to me. And I have this face.


As much as it’s probably not the face you’d choose straight away if it was on sale, it’s a face that says two things –

1. You can tell me anything.

2. You probably need a drink.

This is my talent. It’s all in the face.

Of the guys I spoke to, I have three soldiers, four sailors and a police officer. The book is mostly the chaps talking about their service careers, where they’ve been in the world, a little bit of naughtiness here and there, and a huge amount of heart. They’re fascinating chaps and all profits will go to the Poppy Appeal so, you know, tell the world.

Other People’s Granddads – Stories From The Legion