Now, there’s a lot of trust in this post.

I do believe that things happen when they’re supposed to. Not just things. Thoughts. People. I think people come into your life when they’re supposed to. I think thoughts occur only when they’re supposed to.

I’ve been thinking a lot about heroes lately. I’ve met with some of mine in the last few months, over a drink, with a tape recorder.

I’m pretty certain, if you’d asked me before I started writing this post, if I was anybody’s hero, I would have laughed. It might have been a slightly scary, too-long laugh, slightly bulge-eyed and worrying enough to make people edge towards the door. If obliged to give an answer including words, I might have mentioned my dogs. I can imagine being Pumpkin’s hero. She’s very small. But, as I get older, I’ve realised – maybe I can be my own hero.

Now, I know that probably sounds like I’m dating myself, but it’s quite an important idea.

I can’t really imagine being someone else’s hero. I don’t have the teeth for it. But if I could be my own hero, that would be pretty cool, not to say convenient. After all, I have to live with me.

Can you imagine?

It’s definitely important to remember as an indie author – things happen when they’re supposed to. It might feel like everything is taking too long or, indeed, forever, but things snowball. Once it starts moving, I’ll be grateful for this quiet time. And if I can learn to be someone I consider impressive, I don’t suppose I’ll really need anything else.

Except a film deal.