I’m not just thinking of Gentleman Jack… but since you bring it up. Gentleman Jack is incredible. I have lots of time for anything with a cheeky look to the camera and a large dog (who, incidentally, follows me on Twitter. Ah, fame.)


I suppose the great joy of the story of Anne Lister’s diaries is that they exist at all. For the uninitiated, Anne Lister was a woman of some means, who lived in Halifax, around the time of Jane Austen, and she was gay.

Not just gay, she was – I’m not sure how else to say it – she was a stud. Strong and powerful, charming and clever, incredibly popular, even with those who saw her as an oddity, and on primetime telly, played by Suranne Jones.


Now, there was a spell when I didn’t bother with Coronation Street. They killed off Alma, so I went right off them. However, I weakened some years back, when they brought in Suranne Jones as Karen McDonald, in the early 2000s.


The thing with Suranne Jones is that she plays genuinely fascinating characters. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything where she hasn’t been completely brilliant.

I haven’t seen Doctor Foster yet, but I think we all know that time is coming.