We have two rabbits, Niamh and Lorcan. They’re gorgeous, they share a large hutch and they’re very affectionate.

Niamh is protective of Lorcan. Having spent her early bunnihood with Duchess, she became quite depressed when, at the age of fourteen, Duchess passed away. Now, I know you might be wondering how a rabbit can appear to be distressed. Well, have a heart, buddy, she was devastated. She barely hopped, her nose rarely twitched, it was awful to see.

However, when we brought Lorcan home, Niamh was overjoyed.


Pictured: Niamh, overjoyed

He was the tiniest little thing, bright blue eyes, with one ear up and one ear down. She loved him instantly.


Pictured: Little Lorcan

It’s good to have happy bunnies.