They sell these little tubs of snackable gorgeousness at various supermarkets and they’re just the best. If I’m celebrating – honestly anything – I will snaffle up these things by the basketful.

Apetina Cooking Cheese Cubes in oil, with Green Olives and Garlic

Now, it probably doesn’t sound all that appetising when they call them ‘cooking cheese cubes’. To be fair, I hadn’t noticed that until today.

I’d always assumed the cheese cubes were feta. Or something resembling feta.

Frankly, I don’t care what they are. Once they’re teamed up with olives, dried herbs and marinated garlic, they are jabbable delights with a shelf-life that far exceeds my capacity to keep a few of them back.

Actually, doesn’t matter that I’m not celebrating anything right now. I think I need to go shopping.