Now, I will start by explaining that, at the time of writing, I have neither read nor seen ‘Tell It To The Bees’. I know. Bad lesbian. Slapped wrist.

However, this post feeds in to both…

and a hint of

Anyway, I have just read a very thoughtful review of both book and film, which incorporated a smidge of critique regarding lesbian culture and gay women in the mainstream, or the lack thereof.

I’m not going to get into all that because, at the end of the review, I nearly died.

The reviewer made some excellent points with regard to the changes which inevitably occur between the written novel and the resultant screenplay. These things always happen. You hear about it all the time with every film that’s ever been made from a book.

The upshot of the review was that they were disappointed by the ending of the film.

Here’s the thing: the reviewer concluded by saying she was surprised that Fiona Shaw had allowed the film people to do whatever-it-is-they’ve-done to her novel because the reviewer has always admired her as an actress.

The problem with any kind of review that includes reference to a person is that you must know who they are. If anyone out there needs to hear this: there are two Fiona Shaws.

There’s the actress.


And there’s the writer.


Two completely different women. The actress has no control over what happens to the writer’s novel, just as I don’t have control over what happens to the writer’s novel. Because it has nothing to do with me.

It gets worse – someone chimed in and explained that there are two Fiona Shaws (well done) and then, killed the point completely by saying that they are both British actresses.

This one’s Irish.


Hyperventilating. I may need a paper bag.