I love Bob’s Burgers.

The characters are well-drawn, with unusual voices and a unique, chinless look. Bob creates a new burger every week and gives it a tremendous, puntastic name. Some of the best include: Hummus A Tune Burger, Chard To A Crisp Burger, Poutine On The Ritz Burger (comes with poutine fries), and – the best of the best – The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside The House Burger (comes with cauliflower and cumin).


It’s a thing that seems to happen with, near as dammit, every sitcom/animated show – it starts out normal and relatable and within a few episodes, the normality has slithered off and the family has joined the circus or got a celebrity moving in next door, or they’ll travel to somewhere completely unaffordable, perhaps they’ve bought a tank.


I like that Bob and Linda live paycheque to paycheque and a great number of the kids’ adventures take place either in, or because of, their imaginations.

My favourite character is Tina. She’s quite soulful for a teenage writer of erotic fiction with a fixation on butts. She has great energy and a lot more confidence than can readily be explained.