Jamie Lee Curtis is one of those rare actresses who can be both stunningly beautiful and endlessly funny.
I think she’s one of the few since Lucille Ball who can do both simultaneously.
I used to listen to a lot of DVD commentaries. The chat-track, as I believe it’s known, is often not only informative, but funny, as those who were involved in the making-of recollect anecdotes about things that happened on set.
When I listened to the chat-track for Halloween (I think it was the 25th Anniversary Edition, bought from Tesco right before a police car pulled me over, quite late at night, because the officer thought he saw someone hiding in the back of my car. Thus, ensuring I panicked my way home), it was great. Jamie Lee Curtis pointed out that, as much as it’s supposed to be October 31st, the trees are ‘big and green and full!’
When I showed True Lies at the Club for Movie Night, I told some of my ladies that Jamie Lee Curtis’s dance from one of the four posts of the bed would change the way some of them walked. (Link below)
And yet, she was really funny with it, largely because she fell down. However, she also does the sexy face when it was real.
There was a look, years ago, which suggested whatever you were doing, it was damn well working, and it looked like – “I’m doing really complicated maths in my head, but I’m happy about it.” Now, the hot face is more like, “I’m already disappointed.”
I’m so lucky I’m from the time I’m from.