Now this is just good timing.

Witness the timing.

My subject for today, as decided way back in the New Year, is ‘A Kind Word’.
Some of you may remember not so long ago, Day #138 was Monica Dolan.

I’ve admired her work as an actress for a long time but I didn’t know she was also a writer. So, shortly after writing Day #138, I bought her play, The B*easts.

It’s tremendous.

I’ll pop a review up in a mo. Take a little look at the Interviews and Reviews section in a while. It’ll be there.

The thing is this – it actually means a hell of a lot to someone like me to get a nice review.

I go about my life thinking that nobody actually knows who I am, and the chances of anyone finding my books, and then liking them, is pretty small. Like winning-the-lottery small. So, I lean towards hugs, and dedicating books to people who’ve liked others in the series.


What I didn’t realise is how much it means even when people do know who you are. I love this reply, not only because it was unexpected, but because I gave a kind word, Miss Dolan gave a kind word back, and all feels right with the world.