I like a plan.

No, I love a plan. I always have a list. I like to plot out what’s happening in my life. I enjoy all that stuff.

Sadly, if I give myself a list of things to do, I rarely stick to it.

On a weekly list, I might get through most of Monday’s stuff. This is largely because Monday is set in stone. I must clean the pipes. I must do Movie Night. I’ve been doing these things every week for years, so they don’t really present a challenge anymore.

However, if I threw in I must clean my car, I would have to let that slide until Tuesday. Whereupon, Tuesday’s list would shrivel because I still had to clean my car. I might get to it on a Tuesday of another week… equally, I might not.

This is just how it works.

But I have a few days coming up when Aimée will be away. And I have so much to do. It’s not that I can’t get anything done around here when she’s around. It’s just that, I choose to look at her instead.

But now, I’m making a list.