A simple subject today, but covering two major events for me.

We’ll start with the easier side of things: when I was younger, a couple of friends were staying with me when the call came through.

I hadn’t heard from the lady concerned in three or four years, though I had been pining for some time. I was delighted to have my mates with me, if only to scoop me up from the floor, and to help me find the phone which I’d thrown quite some distance on hearing her voice.

Gladly, I haven’t had a call like that in twenty years. Touch wood, obviously. I’m half-gripping the bookcase behind me as I type this.


Second, and rather larger – it was some years back that I almost died.

Long story, hope you’re not having dinner. In short, there was a growth, a collapsed bladder and my kidneys almost packed up. Luckily, I got to hospital in time. I can drive like a demon when required.


Anyway, here we are.

The point is: for me, everything that has happened since I was twenty-nine has been a bonus. I could have done without the estate agent interlude but you can’t have everything.