As promised, way back on New Year’s Day, we have come to one of the most important subjects in a run of three-hundred-and-sixty-five days of wonderful things:
The Eyebrows Of Zachary Quinto.

Of course he’s an immensely talented actor and a stunningly beautiful man, which should go without saying. Deep brown eyes, strong jawline, drool-worthy cheekbones, great hair, all that stuff. But the eyebrows are just gorgeous.

I mean – just look at them.


I mean…


On a serious note, when Zachary Quinto came out in 2011, that was a massive gift to the young gay people of the world.

Adolescence is such a complicated time. It can be very overwhelming, especially in a world that’s moving so much faster than it ever has before. So the relief for a young person seeing someone, gifted, famous, recognised for their gifts, and living authentically, acknowledging who they are, must be immense.

And with that, more power to Zachary Quinto.

And his beautiful eyebrows.