My mother had four films that she liked:


The American President

The Full Monty

A Man For All Seasons

Those were the ones she liked. She would watch them over and over, and never needed to watch anything else. She could recite all the dialogue, and yet she never got bored.

There’s a scene in Dave where Kevin Kline makes a sandwich for himself and Ving Rhames. (I think it’s later in the movie that he makes another one for himself and Sigourney Weaver).

Everything goes into this sandwich.


I have been known to make something like it. However, now that I have a vegetarian in the house, I don’t make so many Binney Mad-Sandwiches.

Binney Mad-Sandwich


Bread, toasted or otherwise

At least one kind of Cheese





Shredded carrots

Black Olives

Sliced mushrooms

Sliced Peperami

A scatter of Sweetcorn

Feel free to adjust as required. Be warned, however: it’s not a snack. It’s an event.