Now, I’m going to level with you. I have a list of titles for these blog posts. It was a lot harder to think of 365 things that make me happy than I might have imagined.

In all honesty, I rattled out the first hundred with hardly any effort at all, and I was quite proud of myself. I don’t usually think of myself as a positive person. In fact, I know I’m not. And I know this because my mother was an eternal optimist – as I know I’ve referenced in another post. She got it from her mother, who probably got it from her mother, and so on, all the way back to Eve. But I’m a little too dark humoured to be an out-and-out optimist.

However, I had most of the list sorted out by the end of New Year’s Eve. That said (just in case that sounds like cheating) – I’m never more than a day or two ahead of myself in terms of writing the posts. And technically, the title for today’s title was – what I had imagined would be the easiest post to write and is, in fact, the most tepid title for the most amazing people – women.

So, instead of my expatiating on the subject of women and their wonders, which – in my defence, would have been entirely soulful in nature because, as much as I have a dirty laugh and a sense of humour to match – I’m not quite a five foot four lust-bucket, I’ll just direct you to a wonderful song.

Although if they mean what I think they mean by ‘blowing out their candles’, I may have to revise the whole lust-bucket thing.