Now, we’ve just had the County Show in Devon and, for the first time in years, I missed it. I have no excuse beyond self-imposed deadlines, three and half projects in the works and several dogs. I’d say that’s enough, really.

Anyway, the County Show is rather brilliant. In the months in between, I manage to forget just how big sheep really are. Honestly, they’re massive. I always think they’re about the same size as Tara but, realistically, they’re bigger than me.


I tend to spend time looking at the goats, because my buddy, Merv is a goat farmer. He also missed it this year but it’s great to see him in his smart white coat, walking around the ring with whichever goat is entered in the class.


I enjoy seeing the birds. Quails are my favourites but I like looking at the ducks and chickens and other feathered things.

There are usually a huge number of food and drink stalls. One year, Aimée and I came back with a strimmer. The lawn was getting out of control, and the guilt was starting to set in just as we walked past an amazing stand with all manner of garden-control implements in it. Money was spent and we then had the quite profound difficulty of trying to get this six-foot solid thing into my car.


It took two days of aching muscles and struggling to get off the sofa before we even tried to start the thing up. It’s a beast. I love it.