Book Review – Memoirs of a Somerset Woman by Winifred Hector

First published, 1997
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I loved this book. Loved it.
I should probably explain a bit about how I came upon it in the first place…
I met Miss Hector a number of times when I was a child. She was one of my mother’s tutors when she was training to be a nurse, and they maintained a close friendship for many, many years afterwards.
I can only look back and wonder at my own timidity. I was scared stiff of Miss Hector. Of course, I was a small child when I first met her.
That said, Miss Hector’s aura of power was well-earned. She wrote numerous books, travelled the world and is one of the names in modern medicine. She literally wrote the book on modern nursing. Witness:
She has a Wikipedia page:
And now, I have read her memoirs. I can say, with some authority, Winifred Hector was entirely captivating, charming, dry-humoured, unendingly interested in so many subjects – she was completely wonderful. I am really quite annoyed with myself that I have only just learnt that. Also, she gives great advice on life and reviews:
“… remember the journalist’s adage, ‘I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you mention my name, and spell it right.’”
– Page 85, Chapter Nine, Memoirs of a Somerset Woman, Winifred Hector, Nurse, Tutor, University Lecturer and Naturalist
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I encourage you to go and have a look.