The best ice cream in the world can be found in Canada. Now, it’s true, I am going back in my memory here, but so long as they haven’t changed the recipe in the last twenty-five years, Rocky Road is the best.


If the recipe has changed, as things tend to do (Boadicea, Jif, the planet Pluto all spring to mind), then a tub of Ben and Jerry’s two-minute-melted Phish Food is the best.

I was eleven when we went to Canada. My cousins introduced me to friendship bracelets, Super Mario, the Toronto Blue Jays, the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, and frozen yogurt.


I spent the whole summer in a sort of sugar-rushing, super-melodious daze. It was fabulous.

Frozen yogurt was incredible. I had imagined it would be rather sour, like standard yogurt, but with, perhaps, ice crystals in it.

Happily, I was wrong.

It was bright pink, really sweet, with a texture halfway between sorbet and Mr. Whippy ice cream, and reassuring flecks of semi-crushed raspberry seed throughout.

Since I’ve grown older, if not much taller, my sweet-tooth has been surpassed by my desire for cheese, but from time to time, usually around three in the morning, I still get a hankering for raspberry frozen yogurt.