We often take the dogs for walks along the river. It’s very pretty, not too fast moving, and would be appropriate for picnics if either of us was that organised. Both Tara and Poppy love to swim.

Pumpkin doesn’t like going in too deep, largely because she’s a nervous little thing.
Doobie can swim. In the same way a cat can swim. Doesn’t mean he wants to. He’ll do it if the only alternative is drowning.

There was a time when we walked the dogs on a slightly different route than usual. There were some cows in the field we usually walked across. As such, we walked on the other side of the river. We hadn’t been that way before, and so, we didn’t know what was coming.

There was what can best be described as a gross and icky sludge pond just ahead of us. Neither of us noticed, but Doobie did. To this day, all I can think is that he mistook the thick and stinky weeds on the surface of the water for lush and springy moss. He jumped off a slight ledge and suddenly disappeared underwater. The shock on his face was matched only by the shock on mine. In terms of smell, he’s never quite recovered.

Anywho, if you’ve ever wanted to see a miniature dachshund swimming, you’re in luck.

Here’s my Poppy, swimming with Tara, and there’s a brief cameo from my Doobie’s nose. Enjoy: