Muse are a great band.  No one in the world sounds like Matt Bellamy and I’m a fool for a guitar-driven band. Of course, as a semi-Devoner, it doesn’t hurt one bit that they’re from Devon. That said (and I’m about to get controversial, so brace yourselves) – I have no time whatsoever for Coldplay. I know. And I’m in my thirties. Surely, the right sort of ballpark for Coldplay. Sadly, not. I couldn’t say exactly why but I would sooner listen to the tap dripping in my kitchen.
Now, there’s yet more opinion coming. These are the best songs by Muse. I’m going completely from the top of my head here, so I may have missed out some crackers. Do feel free to comment with your favourites.
New Born from Origin of Symmetry
Supermassive Black Hole from Black Holes and Revelations
Time is Running Out from Absolution
Plug In Baby from Origin of Symmetry
Go ahead, go shopping. There’s other great stuff on the albums, and they’re entirely streamable. Which is quite jolly.
You can always come back for the next chapter of oddness, if you’re shopping. It’s all right, I’ll wait…
Origin of Symmetry 
Black Holes and Revelations 
Okay. A chapter of oddness. Ready?
I have just seen perhaps the weirdest thing I have ever witnessed in twenty-four years in Devon.
As I write this, it’s Sunday evening. Early May, the sky is still light, there’s a warmish breeze and the village has gone quiet, as it always does on Sundays.
And I have just watched a family, four adults, two children, walking a greenhouse up the road.
Most people would get a dog.
Now, I’ll point out, it was unglazed. So, it was a family of seven, carrying the frame of a greenhouse up the road, but they were filling the whole street. The thing must be ten feet by twelve, and they were just walking, like any other family on a Sunday evening in the countryside. Just – with a greenhouse.
Such an odd village. I like it here.